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Branding & Identity

Your Trademark & Branding

Branding is all about the way in which a picture of your business is created in the minds of your customers. It’s what’s in the minds of your customers once they hear your name.

Relevate’s pursuit of success is rooted in providing value to each prospect we meet. Each brand represents a separate value and various goals for all parties involved. While the price indicates what is earned, it is the worth that determines our success.

Logo Design

Our logo design process typically starts with determining how each logo will ultimately be used. Company logos that only appear online ought to differ from those for brick and mortar businesses. Therefore, mockups of logo designs may be shown during the logo review process.

We provide you with support every step of the way, from your website to the satisfaction of your customers, and we aim to do this continually. Your success is our success, and we want to keep your business in business for a long time.

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Logo Design Process

Our goal is to help your business define a recognizable and credible brand through customized, structured strategies that include the following elements:

  • Identification of corporate identity and expectations, ensuring the business as a whole is aligned with the company’s goals and building a cohesive brand
  • Build your position by conducting a competitor analysis, identifying your strengths, and projecting them into the company image
  • Define the brand character, which is the collection of characteristics a brand has
  • Create communication aligned with your Brand Architecture
  • Design logos and graphics that work with a variety of contexts (Collateral, Websites, Specialty Printing, Signage, etc.)
  • Color analysis and lettering study are important elements of building up a strong brand identity
  • Restyle and rebrand the brand while incorporating minor adjustments and adaptations to new contexts into existing logos and Corporate Identities


Most frequent questions and answers


There is no one answer to this question but we will try to answer it to the best of our companies ability. Some smaller projects range from 1000-3000 (this may be logo only with a limited amount of revisions) while some other projects may range from 5000-10000. Some of our larger projects may include multiple styles of brand concepts which is what most companies want to see. 


As is industry standard, we retain ownership of our designs and reserve the right to use them in our portfolios (which is totally normal). As the purchaser, you will have exclusive, unlimited use and reproduction license on the designs we create for you. This means that YES, you own your logo and you can do whatever you would like to do with the files. You can take all the original Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files wherever you would like.


Depending on your situation and how much your companies brand needs to be “re-designed”, sometimes, YES, we do offer discounts. For the most part, when a company is looking to re-brand their company, they are looking for the whole brand identity package. Logo Re-Design projects can oftentimes be more involved than a new brand because of all the existing media coverage that the brand currently has.


When we give our estimates on how long any given project will take, we always over-estimate. This way there is no disappointment if we end up taking extra time, because we already factored it in, and if we get done sooner the client has a pleasant surprise. You can be confident that we will get the work done in the time we bid.

Seriously, how long? Typically, a brand identity project can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks from initial meetings to a first brand identity presentation. After revisions, edits and tweaks, you may be looking at another 2-3 weeks depending on the changes for another presentation. Once you have selected an official brand design, it may take an additional week to finalize your logo into a brand identity style guide for the future of your business. 

How long does it take for other graphic projects?

These numbers are a very rough estimate (do not quote us on this)

  • Web Design/ Graphics Elements: 3 – 7 Weeks
  • Postcards & Flyers: 2 – 5 Weeks
  • Brochures and Presentation Folders: 3 – 7 Weeks
  • Social Media Branding: 1 – 2 Weeks
  • Email Signatures: 1 – 2 Weeks
  • Envelopes: 1 – 2 Weeks
  • Labels: 1 – 2 Weeks
  • Other: Please Email Us